warsaw prison


Warsaw Prison is a place that every month develops. With each of my projects I follow the rule that every month should bring something new and the same idea applies to the Warsaw Prison. I have very big plans and aspirations, but - what is most important - also the capabilities to make it something big, unique in the world.

I'm surrounded by talented people on whose help I can always count and they are the driving force the development of this place. The furniture is built by a friendly kinkster in a separate workshop in my building. Therefore they are ideally tailored to the needs of me and my place. The website will be updated with information about what furniture is being made for the needs of Warsaw Prison.

My plan, which I hope will be achieved, it is to purchase a large building, in which Warsaw Prison will be able to spread its wings and become a key place on BDSM map of the world, as the most professional space to fulfil imprisonment fantasies in an atmosphere as in real prison.

if you are looking for something diffrent

visit www.ladydaria.eu - a lot of possibilites of classic bdsm sessions

warsaw is closer than you think!

Warsaw airport is well connected to almost 90 cities by national and inexpensive airlines.

new room comming soon!

I'm preparing new room - 30 sqm, 3.7 m height. A lot of space, new opportunities, specially possibility of high suspension will available soon.