prison basic practices

mind games

These practices, which will impact on your mind, bring on intense emotions, slowly but consequently destroy your self-esteem, your male ego, your sense of being a good prisoner.

Activities carried out under mind games are long lasting. Tedious for the person performing, requiring the maximum concentration, because you can not make any mistakes. Why? The rules, which I make to reality are very restrictive. One mistake and you start your task again. You can expect, therefore, to be all the time under my control and destroying effects of your work, but also to motivate through the fear of pain or infliction of pain, if I decide that you delay with your work.

It's the game that lasts many hours. Tire your mind. You start to be angry, frustrated, fighting with yourself, but you know, that there is no turning back. A good example is the hard work involving the separation of each of many small elements and grouping them.

Mind games might be not the fastest, but they are a very effective way to break you.

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