prison premises

My prison is in the cellar of the house, which whole belongs to me, and this is where I live. So you can be sure that, even during nightrest, you will not be alone. It will give you a sense of security and psychological comfort.

Warsaw Prison has an area seventy square meters:

Room 1
Twenty-meter room, which brings to mind atmosphere of the worst places of torture. Raw decor, steel, red brick, cold light - perfectly captures the atmosphere of the place. After crossing the doorstep, you already know, that your stay here will not be easy.

To Room No. 1 adjoin eight-meter storage, where are my accessories to all kinds of torture.

Room 2
The next twenty-meter room is kept in the same climate as the room number 1. Here you will spend your nights and breaks, that you will have during your imprisonment. There is above all a prison cell, in which you will find:
  • bed
  • pillow
  • blanket
  • bottle of water
  • emergency button
  • towel
  • bucket for urine
  • toilet paper

Room 3
Thirteen meters cold, wet, dark isolation room, made in strict style. Fantastic place to break slaves.

Twelve-meter room with a drain in the floor, in which a prisoner is washed and has enema.

Six-meter room with toilet and sink, in which a prisoner has a toothbrush and toothpaste to twice a day brush teeth.

The last important space situated in the house is a workshop in which as far as possible, my friend, who has a technical skill, makes new furniture and accessories.

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new room comming soon!

I'm preparing new room - 30 sqm, 3.7 m height. A lot of space, new opportunities, specially possibility of high suspension will available soon.

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