preparing for prison


In the prison cell there is an emergency button. If something wrong happen with you during a break or at night, you have to use it. Press the button until I come to you.

The same emergency button is in the solitary box. If you're starting to panic or something is wrong to you, you have to use it and press it until I come to you.

Don't try to use it for trivial reasons, e.g. when you get bored. I guarantee you, that then you will have to deal with my extremely sadistic nature.

if you are looking for something diffrent

visit - a lot of possibilites of classic bdsm sessions

warsaw is closer than you think!

Warsaw airport is well connected to almost 90 cities by national and inexpensive airlines.

new room comming soon!

I'm preparing new room - 30 sqm, 3.7 m height. A lot of space, new opportunities, specially possibility of high suspension will available soon.