requesting stay

step 2 - questionnaire of preferences

The questionnaire, which you'll find after logging in to your account on the system is very important. You have it as an opportunity to describe yourself, your preferences, health and all other important elements, which for me are base to start thinking about your stay. Of course, if the questions contained in the questionnaire are not enough for you, you have the option of adding a comment, or you can discuss with me by e-mail about yourself and your idea to stay in Warsaw Prison.

The questionnaire consists of blocks. In addition to the obligatory parts for each, such as metrics, health condition and choice of prison program, there are sections on different practices BDSM. If the practice doesn't interest you, you uncheck it. This is information for me, that the lack of response is not caused by laziness, but a reluctance to experience this particular thing.

Because the questionnaire is in the system, you can spend more time on thinking about the answers and, if it will be needed, modify them.

There can be no such situation, that you come to Warsaw Prison, and questionnaire of your preferences is unfilled.

if you are looking for something diffrent

visit - a lot of possibilites of classic bdsm sessions

warsaw is closer than you think!

Warsaw airport is well connected to almost 90 cities by national and inexpensive airlines.

new room comming soon!

I'm preparing new room - 30 sqm, 3.7 m height. A lot of space, new opportunities, specially possibility of high suspension will available soon.